Start Crushing Your Fitness Goals

Sign up for one of our group classes today

When you think of a group workout class, you're probably used to large classes size that leave you feeling stranded. Thankfully, that isn't the case at Grand Valley Strength & Fitness in Grand Junction, CO. Our group classes are focused on making sure every member gets the help they need.

Each session is led by one of our trainers and usually has two to six other members at a time. That way, you get to build a personal relationship with your trainer while they help tailor each exercise for your fitness goals.

Whether you're bringing your current friends or looking to make new ones, our group classes are a great choice. Reach out to us today to reserve your spot.

Multiple classes to fit your needs

We host three different types of group classes at our gym. These are:

  • Strength classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Weight loss and cardio classes every Tuesday and Thursday
  • A mix of cardio, core and endurance training each Saturday

Plus, we host four classes a day every day aside from Saturday. That way, you can create a class routine that best fits your schedule.

Contact us today to register for a new class.

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